1. Sri Kamakshi Amman Temple - Saidapet

The temple is situated near the saidapet raiway station. It is over 300 years old and a private temple belonging to the viswakarma community. Mulavar is kamannakshi ambal facing east and there are separate sannadhi for Hanuman, Ganapathy and Navagraham.


The temple is more spacious and the management is planning to construct a kalyana mahal in the space available behind the mulavar sannadhi. Also, there are several shops allocated for rent by the management which fetches income to this temple.


Address: New No.50, Old No.23, Chetty Street

                 Saidapet, Chennai-600015  

Route: From Saidapet railway station this temple at a walkable distance.

             Bus route - 18K from Parrys Corner - stop at the Manthoppu School.        

2. Sri Angalamman Temple - Choolai

This temple is one of the oldest temple situated in Choolai. The temple has two praharms one for Sri Kasi Viswanatha Eswarar and one for Sri Angalamman facing east. There is a seperate sannadhi for Lord Virat Viswakarma facing north to the left side while entering the rajagopuram. Also there are sannadhi for Ganapathy, Dhakshinamoorthy, Murugar. The temple is taken over by HR & CE of Tamilnadu and the temple is owned by the viswakarma community peoples.


The temple ia more spacious and the mulavar is kula deivam for many families of the community. The temple had also a theertham in front of it.


Address: Angalamman Koil Street, Choolai, Chennai-600112

Route: The nearest bus stop is the Choolai Post office from there the temple is at a walkable distance.

             Bus route - 159 series from CMBT - stop at Choolai post office.

             Bus route -  59E from Parrys - stop at Choolai post office.

3. Sri Kalikambal-Kamateswarar Temple - Parrys Corner

This temple is located in Parrys corner, one of the famous temples in Chennai. Mulavar is Sri Kalikambal in Padmasana and Sri Kamateswarar both facing west. There are seperate sannadhis for Virat Viswakarma, Ganapathy, Murugar, Durga, Gayathri Devai, Prathyankara Devi, Navagraham etc. The temple has a silver ratham which is used for procession. The great Maratha King Chatrapathi Shivaji visited this temple in 1677 and worshipped Sri Kaligambal. The national poet Sri Subramanya Bharathi is  an ardent devotee of this Ambal and praised her in his poems.This temple comes under HR & CE of Tamilnadu and managed by the Viswabrahmin peoples. The mulavar of this temple is the Kula devatha for many families. On every sundays viswakarma matrimony is organized by trustees of the temple.


For more details visit : www.chennaisrikaligambal.org 

Head: Mr. M. Baskar Achari

Trustees: Mr. R. Subramani Achari, Mr. P. Jeyapal Achari, Mr. C. Manohar Achari, Mr. K. Yuvaraj Achari


Address: 212, Thambu Chetty Street, Parrys, Chennai-600001

Route: Bus route - 15B from Chennai CMBT - stop at Parrys Corner. 

4. Sri Angalaparameshwari Temple - Royapuram

This temple is situated in Royapuram near the kal mandapam bus stop. Mulavar is Sri Angala Parameshwari Amman in Simma vahanam facing east is the kula deivam for many families. There are also sannadhis for Kasi Vishwanathar, Visalakshi, Vinayagar, Bairavar, navagraham, pavadairayar, durgai etc. This temple comes under HR & CE of Tamilnadu and managed by Viswabrahmin community.  Special pujas were done by kamika agamam during raagu kalam of Tuesday and Friday, full moon days, kiruthigai, narathri, mahasivarathri, mayanakollai etc.


Head: Mr. S. Sampathkumar Achari - 044-25973112


Address: 194, Adam Sayubu Street, Kalmandapam, Royapuram, Chennai - 600 013

Route: Bus route. 159A, B, C, D from Chennai CMBT - stop at Maharani Theatre 

             Bus route. 1, 56C, 56D from Parrys Corner - stop at Kal Mandapam

5. Sri Meenakshi - Sundareswarar Temple - Pudupet

This temple is located in Pudupet near Egmore. Mulavar is Sri Meenakshi Amman in standing posture facing south and there are also sannadhis for Veerabrammangar, Navagraham, Durgai, Pillayar, Murugar etc. This temple if over 250 years old and a private one belonging to Viswabrahmin community. Special pujas were done round the year during navarathri, Panguni Uthiram, Varalakshmi fasting and on all full moon days. A speciality of this temple is that Durgai amman facing east which may not be seen in any temples. Two shops have been allocated for rent by the temple management which fetches income to the temple.


Head: Mr. Vadivel Raman Achari - 9283113113

Trustees: Mr. Pannerselvam Achari- 9884346062,

                Mr. Chidambaram Achari - 9840368849, 

                Mr. Manivannan Achari - 9380736937,

                Mr. M. Ganesh Achari - 9840362619.

Archagar: Sri. Babu Iyer - 8939461001, 9940038361


Address: 20/61, Chandrabanu Street, Komalieeswararpet, Pudupet,                            Chennai -600002

Route: This temple is nearer to Komaliswarar temple, a famous one in                     Pudupet.

 Bus route. 18 series, 11 series, 21 series from Parrys corner - stop at LIC. From there the temple is at a walkable distance.


Bus route. 27B from CMBT - stop at Egmore.

Bus route. white board buses of 22, 23C, 29, 29A, 27D from Egmore - stop at Pudupet.