1. Sri Adhi Kamakshi Amman Temple - Kancheepuram

This temple is situated back side of  Sri Kamakshi Amman temple and beside the Kumarakottam. The temple comes under the HR & CE of Tamil Nadu. Mulavar is Sri Adhi Kamakshi Amman sitting in Padmasanam facing east. There are alos sannadhis for Pillayar, Murugar, Bathrakali etc.The temple has also a utsavar sannadhi of Adhi Kamakshi and a utsavar of Sri Veerabrammangar. Soon the temple management is going to make a separate sannadhi for Virat Viswakarma in bronze. Viswakarma matrimony is organized in the temple on every sundays. Also, Avani Avittam is celebrated every year in which many peoples participate in wearing the sacred thread.


Trustee: Mr. Senthil Kumar - 99440 60966

Address: Jawaharlal Street, Kancheepuram - 631502

Route: The temple is just 1 km from the kancheepuram bus stand and the New railway station.     

             Bus route - 76B, 76C, 79, 130, 423, 576 from Chennai CMBT - stop at Kancheepuram.

2. Sri Periya Thambiran-Vedavaneeswarar Temple - Kancheepuram

This temple is situated in chinna kancheepuram approximately 4 km from kancheepuram bus stand. This temple is purely a private one belonging to the viswakarma community. This temple, over 1500 years old is one among the 108 shiva temples in kancheepuram and took place in the kanchi puranam. The temple has over half an acre of land in which peoples of various community occupied it and staying there without giving land rent. The mulavar of the temple is both Shiva sitting in the rishaba vahana and Parvathy in simma vahana facing east. A sepate sannadhi of shiva lingam named Vedavaneeswar is to the leftside of the main temple. This temple is now in poor condition and needs to be taken more attention by the community peoples.


A nandhi statue was found on 27.12.11 at about 12 feet depth near the temple during road construction. The nandhi was now placed inside the temple.


Donations are requested by the trustees for rennovation. Donors may please contact the trustees in phone or person. 


Dharmakartha: Mr. Kasi Achari - 9952692838

President: Mr. Durairaj Achari - 9952489275

Secretary: Mrs. Jayanthi Vinayagamoorthy Achari - 7418066550

Organizing Secretary: Mr. Sampath Achari - 9894636992

Trusherer: Mr. Venugopal Achari - 9994193827


Address: Military Road, Thiruvalluvar Nagar (Near Periyar Nagar), Chinna Kancheepuram-631501


Website: www.periyathambirantrust.jimdo.com


3. Sri Chakarathazhvar Temple - Kancheepuram

This temple is located in Chinna Kancheepuram near Sri Varatharaja Perumal Temple. Mulavar is Sri Chakarathazhvar in bronze facing north. The temple is a private one belonging to Viswabrahmin community. Nithya puja is done every morning by a Vaishnava archagar. On all saturdays special Sudharshana homam followed by Prabandam recitation is carried out. Once in a year, on the third saturday of Purattasi(Tamil) month a special utsavam will be done during which the mulavar is made in to procession through three streets surrounding it. A portion of land  surrounding the temple is being allocated for rent to run a workshop which fetches income to the temple.


Dharmakartha: Mr. Kasi Achari - 99526 92838

Address: Kamalar Street (Near Varatharajar Temple) , Chinna Kancheepuram - 631501.

Nearest Bus stop: Tollgate


Website: www.periyathambirantrust.jimdo.com

4. 16 Pillars Mandapam - Kancheepuram

This mandapam is at the front of the famous Ekambaranathar temple, the largest temple in Kancheepuram. Though the mandapam is close to this temple it is not associated with it. The mandapam was purely a property belonging to Viswabrahmin community. The mandapam was more helpful to the temple for decorations of idols at the time of Panguni uthiram and other functions. One of the pillar of this mandapam gives place to Sri Anjanewar which is very famous among the people.


Very nearer to this mandapam is Sri Ingol Sankara Paththar Thirumana mandapam which also belongs to Viswabrahmin community were community peoples were given concession for their family functions. .


Address: Ekambaranathar Sannadhi Street, Big Kancheepuram - 631502.

Nearest Bus stop: Sankara Mutt

Bus Roure: After reaching Kancheepuram, this mandapam could be reached either by town buses or by share autos plying from Kancheepuram bus stand to sankara mutt.

5. Paar Vettai Mandapam - Kancheepuram

This mandapam is located adjacent to the Kancheepuram - Chennai road and nearer to the Kancheepuram new railway station. This mandapam belongs to the Adhi Kamakshiamman temple and it is in need of immediate rennovation. The utsavar Adhi Kamakshiamman travels all the way from the temple to this mandapam on the last day of Navarathri and special pujas are performed once in an year.

This mandapam is surrounded by 50 cent of land which also belongs to the Adhi Kamakshiamman temple managed by viswabrahmin peoples.  


Route: This mandapam could be reached by travelling half a km from the new Kancheepuram railway station and its around 2 km from the kancheepuram bus stand.

6. Sri Arunachaleswarar Temple - Walajabad

This temple is situated on chengalpat road approxiamately 2 km from walajabad bus stand. Walajabad is a town at the midway between kancheepuram and chengalpat. The mulavar is shiva lingam named Arunachaleswarar facing east. There is also a seperate sannadhi for Ambal facing south. In addition, sannadhi is also available for Ganapathy, Dhakshinamoorthy, Dhurgai etc. The temple is more spacious and gives accomodation to two cows. 


Now this temple is managed by a person of other community who is also the archakar. In 1902 this temple is taken over by the HR & CE of tamil nadu after which many peoples of viswabrahmin community managed it. This temple needs to be taken care by viswabrahmin people as it seems very old and taken over by a non host person.


Address: Chengalpat road, Walajabad (Near police station)

Route: Bus route - 212B, 212H, 157, 164C, 79, 579 from Kancheepuram - stop at Walajabad.

             Bus route - 212B, 212H, 157, 164C from Chengalpat - stop at Walajabad Market.

             Bus route - 79 from Chennai CMBT - stop at Walajabad.

7. Sri Mahmeru Temple - Kandigai

This temple is located in Kandigai village, the midway between Walajabad and Tambaram. This is an exclusive temple for Sri Mahmeru and meditation mandapam. The temple ia a private one belonging to Viswabrahmin community. Thyagaraja Bagavathar's siters husband, Sri Murugabushanam Swamiji, a shakthi upasakar looked after this temple and his samadhi is available beside the temple. At present, his grand son Sri. Sivagurunathan is the administrator of this temple.


Full moon day puja is a special one in this temple during which, the temple management is organizing Gomatha puja, Navavarna puja, homam, abishekam, sahasranamam followed by Annadanam. Daily puja was performed thrice a day by a brahmin. The temple is more spacious and has a meditation mahal, a gardens surrounding it.


For more details visit : www.srimahmeru.org

Administrator: Sri Sivagurunathan - 9444336134

Address: Kandigai Village, Kancheepuram Dt - 631604


Route: This temple is located in the route kancheepuram - tambaram.

           Bus route. 579 from Kancheepuram - stop at Kandigai village

           Bus route. 579A from Walajabad or Tambaram - stop at Kandigai village.

8. Thattan Kulam - Uthiramerur

Uthiramerur could be reached travelling 28 Km south from Kancheepuram. This place belonging to Viswakarma community is about 2 km before entering in to Uthiramerur while travelling from Kancheepuram. This place is meant for building a temple and a pond behind it. A small unfinished temple was available as shown in the photos and the work was stopped.


Commounity peoples are requested to help the trustees to complete the temple and take care of this place and make it useful for the future.