1. Sri Kasi Viswanathar Temple - Cheyyar

This temple is at the centre of Cheyyar town. Cheyyar is just 30 Km from kancheepuram while travelling from Chennai and it surrounded by towns like Arni, Arcot, Chetpet and  Vandavasi. Mulavar is Sri Kasi Viwanathar facing east and a sannadhi for Sri Visalakshi Ambal. The temple has also a small vigraham for Virat Viswakarma and also a sannadhi for Nava graham. This temple comes under HR & CE of Tamilnadu and managed by the Viswakarma community peoples. Archagam is performed by a person of Viswabrahmin community.


Address: Thattar Street, Cheyyar - 604 407

Route: From Cheyyar bus stand the temple is at a walkable distance

             Bus route - 130, 423 from Chennai CMBT- stop at Cheyyar Bus stand     

             Bus route - 56, 130, 423 from Kancheepuram - stop at Cheyyar bus stand


2. Sri Kamakshi Amman Temple - Vandavasi

This temple is situated at the centre of Vandavasi. Vandavasi is a town about 40 Km from Kancheepuram towards Thiruvannamalai. Mulavar is Sri Kamakshi  and Sri Adhi Kamakshi Ambals facing east and south respectively. There are seperate sannadhis for Maha Ganapathy and Subramanyar with his consorts all facing towards east. Apart from this there are also sannadhis for Ashtabuja Kalabairavar, Navagraham and Durgai. The temple management is making a new sannadhi for lord Shiva at the entrance of the temple. This temple belongs to HR & CE of Tamilnadu and managed by Viswabrahmin community.


Head Trustee: Mr. Appar Achari

Trustees: Mr. Ramanathan Achari, Mr. Pachayappa Achari

Address: Sannadhi Street, Vandavasi - 604408

Route: Vandavasi can be reached from Kancheepuram, Dinidivanam, Thiruvannamalai or Cheyyar.

             Bus route - 437 from Thiruvannamlai or Kancheepuram - stop at Vandavasi 


3. Sri Umamaheshwarar-Angalaparameswari Temple - Vembakkam

This temple is located in the Vembakkam village. Vembakkam is a village situated about 18 km travelling from Kancheepuram to Cheyyar via Perugattur. A nearest village to Vembakkam called Thiruppanangadu is a famous one for its Shive temple where Sundaramoorthy Nayanar poeted about the mulavar.


Though this temple was in the village since long back it was taken care since 1991 and managed by the Viswabrahmin community. The main sannadhis for this temple are for Sri Umamaheshwarar and one for Sri Angalaparameshwari which is under construction. Special poojas were performed on all tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays and the administrator of this temple performs the poojas. The temple has more than half an acre of land surrounding it.


Administrator: Mr. Sundara Vadivel Achari - 9943149218

Address: No. 70, Vembakkam Village, Thiruvannamalai Dt.


Bus Routes: Vembakkam can be reached from Kancheepuram, Kalavai,Chennai etc

                         Route No. 74C, 134 136, 137 from Kancheepuram - stop at Vembakkam

                         Route No. 136, 137 from Chennai - stop at Vembakkam

4. Sri Kamakshi Amman Temple - Thiruvannamalai