1. Sri Kamakshi Amman Temple - Arakonam

This temple is situated in the Bajar street of Arakonam. Arakonam is a town on the midway between Kancheepuram and Tiruttani. It is an important junction while travelling through train fron the Chennai central railway station. 


This temple is a private one belonging to viswakarma community. Mulavar Sri Kamakshi is facing south and there are also seperate sannadhi for Lord Shiva, Durgai and Navagraham. Sthala Viruksham is the Vilvam tree grown near the Durgai sannadhi.


Address: Bajar Street, Arakonam - 932001

Route: From Arakonam bust stand and from railway station this temple is 1 km at the centre of the town.

2. Sri Balasundara Pillayar Temple - Arakonam

This temple is situated in Arakonam just 2 km from the bus stand. It is a private temple owned to viswakarma community. Mulavar is the Ganapathy facing east and there is sepater sannadhi for lord shiva named Mangaleswarar and Mangalambigai. In addition there are sannadhi for Dhakshinamoorthy, Saibaba, Iyyappan, Bramma, Durgai, Murugar, Anjanewar, Bairavar and Navagraham. There are two vrukshams in this temple one near the Shiva sannadhi and one near the Murugar sannadhi.


The temple is over 100 years old and there are two vigrahams of pillayar one the 100 years old and a new one. Archagam is performed by a community person twice a day.


Address: Pillayar Koil Street, Kirubilspet, Arakonam-2

Route: The nearest stop is  S.R. gate stop from there the temple is at a walkable distance.


3. Sri Veerabrammangar Temple - Arakonam

This temple is situated on tiruttani road of arakonam. Though the temple is very small it more then half acre of land surrounding it in which a kalyana mandapam may be built. The mulavar is Sri Veerabrammangar and also his wife Srimathi Govindammal. There is also a shiva lingam infront of the mulavar. This temple is a private temple owned by viswabrahmin community. Archagam was performed by a person of viswabrahmin community.


Address: Sri Veerabrammangar Nagar, Papaankulam, Arakonam - 3

Route: The temple is around 1.5 Km from Arakonam bus stand towards tiruttani

             The are share autos plying through this route from the bus stand.

4. Sri Veera Brammendra Swamy Temple - Ammerpet (Arakonam)

This temple was located just 5 kilometers from Arakonam towards Tiruttani. Mulavar is Sri Veera Brammendra Swamy and a shiva lingam named Gnaneshwarar. The temple has also small sannadhis for parvathi named Gnanambigai, Sri Viswakarma and Gayathri Devi, Pillayar, Murugar etc. The temple is a private one managed by both community and non-community peoples. Daily pujas were performed by the trustee and special pujas are done during prathosham, full moon days etc.


Website: www.sriveerabrahmangartrust.org


Head: Mr. Sadasivam - 9791286584

          Mrs. Kuppa Bai Sadasivam - 8825891765


Bus route: The temple can be approached by travelling 5 Km from Arakonam towards Tiruttani and stopping at Toll gate stop. From there the temple is just 1.5 km travelling towards left.


Route. T83 from Tiruttani via Gururajpet - stop at Kezhavanam

Mini buses plying from Tiruttani via Gururajpet - stop at Kezhavanam

5. Sri Kalikambal Temple - Walajapet

This temple is at the centre of the Walajapet town. Walajapet is a town in between Kancheepuram and Vellore. Mulavar is Sri Kalikambal in padmasanam facing east and Sri Kasi Viswanathar. This temple has a seperate sannadhi for Sri Virat Viswakarma in the name of Sri Visveswarar facing east. Also there are sannadhi for Pillayar, Navagraham, Sandikeswarar and Sundareswarar with parvathy.The temple comes under HR & CE of Tamilnadu and managed by the Viswabrahmin community.


Head : Mr. L. Sekar

Trustees: Mr. Loganatha Achari, Mr. Varadhachari 

Address: Nehruji Street, Walajapet - 632513

Route: From Walajapet bus stand the temple is at a walkable distance.

            Bus route. 156, 157 from Kancheepuram - stop at Walajapet

            Bus route. 156, 157, 102 from Vellore - stop at Walajapet

            Bus route. 102 from Chennai CMBT - stop at Walajapet

6. Sri Kalikambal Temple - Vellore

This temple is situated in Vellore close to the CMC hospital. Mulavar is Sri Kalikambal in padmasana facing east and there are sannadhis for Shiva, Murugar, Pillayar, Navagraham. The temple has a utsavar of Sri Kalikambal which is made in to procession every first day of the tamil month. This temple comes under the HR & CE of Tamilnadu and managed by Viswabrahmin peoples. Rennovation is in progess to make a new sannadhis for Sri Kalikambal, Pillayar and Murugar. Archagam is performed by Sri Jothi Murugachariyar, Head of Viswabrahmana Vaideega Sangam in Tamilnadu. Every year Avani Avittam was celebrated in this temple in which hundreds of viswabrahmin and others particiate for wearing sacred thread.


Archagar: Sri Jothi Murugachariyar - 9994086917

Address: No-40, Peripet, Vellore-4

Route: Bus route - 2 from Vellore bus stand - stop at Old bus stand.

             There are also share autos plying from Vellore bus stand.

7. Sri Kalikambal - Kamandaleswarar Temple - Arcot

This temple is situated in Arcot near the government eye hospital. Arcot is a town about 20 km from Vellore travelling towards Kancheepuram. Mulavar is Sri Kalikambal sitting in Padmasanam and Sri Kamandaleswarar both facing east. The temple belongs to HR & CE of Tamilnadu and managed by Viswabrahmin community. The temple has separated sannadhi for Subramanyar with his consorts. Rennovation work is in progress and the temple management is planning to built sannadhis for Virat Viswakarma, Vigneshwarar, Navagraham etc. Archagam was performed by a person of Viswabrahmin community. The full moon day puja ia a special one in the temple during which homams and annadanam were made through out the day.


Donations are requested by the trustees for rennovation. Donors may please contact the trustees through phone and in person.


Head: Mr. S. Mohan Achari - 04172-233804

Trustees: Mr. Dhakshinamoorthy Achari, Mrs. Usha Rani w/o Jagadeesan Achari - 9364415435


Address: Muppathuvetti Vilage, Kalavai road, Arcot - 632503

Route: From Arcot bus stand, the temple is about 3 km towards Kalavai.

            Bus route. 123 from Chennai CMBT - stop at Arcot.

8. Sri Kamakshi Amman Temple - Odugattur

This temple is located in Odugattur, 35 km from Vellore. Mulavar is Sri Kamakshi Amman in Padmasanam facing east and there are also sannadhis for Pillayar, Murugar, Navagraham etc. The temple is about 75 years old and is a private one belonging to Viswabrahmin community. Daily pujas were done twicw a day by Sri. Karunamoorthy Sharma, a viswabrahmin. Special pujas were done through out a year during, full moon days, navarathri, kiruthigai etc. Annual day celebrations is done in the month of Masi(Tamil) during which the utsavar is made in procession round the streets. Two shops belonging to this temple has been rented which fetches income to it.


The temple mamagement is planning for rennovation followed Kumbaabishekam during 2012. Hence donors may contact the trustees for their contributions.


Head: Mr. Krishna Achari (Astrologist)

Trustees: Mr. Arumugam Achari - 9843923646, Mr. Ganesan Achari, Mr. Murugesan Achari.

Archagar: Mr. M.Karunamoorthy Sharma - 9942897903


Address: Gangai Amman Koil Street (opp. Anna Statue), Odugattur, Vellore Dt - 632103

Route: Odugattur can be reached from Vellore by travelling 45 minutes in roadway and the temple is at a walkable distance from the bus stand.

           Bus route. 102, 103, 104, 112 from Vellore - stop at Odugattur


9. Sri Kamakshi Amman Temple - Thirupattur

This temple is located in Thirupattur. Mulavar is Sri Kamakshi amman in Padmasanam and there are two sannadhis to the right of mulavar for Sri Virat Viswakarma and Sri Ekambaranathar, one sannadhi to the left for Sri Gayathri Devi. In addition there are also seperate sannadhis for Sidhi Buddhi Vinayagar, Murugar and Navagrahams.


This temple comes under HR & CE  and run by Visawabrahmin peoples of the town. Special pujas were done during full moon days and raagu kalam during tuesdays. The rajagopuram of this temple, around 92 feet high was recently built and can be viewed from any part of the town. Daily pujas were done by a person from Viswabrahmin community who also perfoms purohitam.


Head: Mr. Subramani Achari

Trustees: Mr. Velu Achari, Mr. Venkatesan Achari

Archagar: Mr. Thiruneelakandan Achari - 9894561980


Address: Kamakshi amman Koil street, Opp. Boopathy Hospital, Thirupattur - 635601 


Bus Route: Thirupattur may be reached from Vellore by travelling in the buses plying to Dharmapuri, Salem, Erode. 

                   Route. 102B from Chennai CMBT - stop at Thirupattur

                   This temple is about 1.5 Km from Thirupathur Bus stand.


10. Sri Kalikambal Temple - Ambur

This temple is situated in the centre of Ambur town and it is over 450 years old. This temple was built by the viswabrahmin community before starting the work of Swayambu Naganatheeswarar temple which is one of the biggest temple of the town.


This temple has sannadhis for Sri Kalikambal facing east, Sri Kamundeshwarar, Sri Viswakarma, Sri Gayathri, Ganapathi, Dhakshinamoorthy, Durga etc. The temple is spacious and well planned mandapa for festivals like Navarathri, Aadi Velli and Margazhi Dhanoor utsavams. This temple is around 1.5 km from bus stand ans railway station.


Address: S.K. Road, Krishnapuram, Ambur, Vellore Dt. 

11. Sri Durkali Ammam Temple - Poigainallur

This small temple is situated in Poigainallur village. Poigainallur could be reached travelling 20 km from kancheepuram towards Vellore. Mulavar is Sri Durkali Amman facing east. The name Durkali has been derived as a combination Durga and Kali. This is a private temple built and owned by the anchestors of Tamil pandit Mr.Kannan Achari family. Recently a new sannadhi has been built adjacent to the temple for Kanni Amman. The entire premises is situated in a neat and greenish atmosphere which suits for peace lovers. Special pujas were done on all fridays, tuesdays and full moon days.


Head: Pandit Kannan Achari - 9962029138


Bus route: The temple could be reached by travelling from Kancheepuram in private buses plying to vellore and stopping at Perumpulipakkam. From there the temple is just 1 km travelling towards north.